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file: $CPAN/authors/id/M/ME/MEWP/DBD-Sybase-0.95.tar.gz
size: 163549 bytes
md5: b3e905acf6fe894b59112d94a00e4c1f

This is a bug fix release - but it fixes a *lot* of bugs.

Please make sure that you test this version thoroughly before putting it
in production.

From the CHANGES file:

Release 0.95

Support for building DBD::Sybase in 64 bit mode with the
64 bit version of OpenClient on Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, etc.
(note that perl itself must also be built in 64 bit
mode for this to work!)

Added column_info() method.

Added G_EVAL flag to syb_err_handler calls.
Improved syb_err_handler handling (thanks to Matthew Persico)
Fixed memory leak when opening additional connections for
multiple statement handles on a single database handle (thanks
to Stefan Harbeck)
Applied minor patch by Alex Fridman to get to build on WinNT.
Force a ct_cancel() if, due to syb_do_proc_status, we force a
failure on a request that could have more results pending
(Blaise Lepeuple)
Added syb_cancel_request_on_error attribute (see bug 471).
Warning - the default value for this attribute changes the
behavior of $sth->execute() when there is a failure that is
detected in multi-statement requests.
Added syb_bind_empty_string_as_null attribute (see bug 446) to
allow user configurable empty string binding semantics (convert
to single space [default] or to NULL).

Bugs Fixed:

431 - fetchrow_hashref() has incorrect keys when retrieving
multiple result sets.
437 - imp_sth->numRows in st_next_result not always set.
444 - Incorrect example for ct_get_data(). ct_get_data() SEGV
if passed a non-reference for $image.
394 - $sth->{CursorName} fails hard.
449 - ct_get_data() limited to 32k
450 - Fix incorrect NULLABLE handling.
452 - Incorrect $sth->finish() handling in syb_flush_finish mode
(thanks to Steve Willer).
443 - $sth->fetch produces error if called after $sth->execute
on statement that doesn't return any rows.
411 - statement handle attributes do not change between result
430 - $dbh->prepare can return undef without triggering
436 - Problems with make test generating errors creating

Documentation changes to explain why
... WHERE (product_code = ? OR (? IS NULL AND product_code IS
doesn't work with Sybase.

Michael Peppler / mpeppler@peppler.org / http://www.mbay.net/~mpeppler
mpeppler@zetatools.com / ZetaTools, Inc / http://www.zetatools.com
ZetaTools: Call perl functions as Sybase stored procedures!

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