Informix Database Driver for Perl DBI Version 2015.1101 (2015-11-01) has
been uploaded to CPAN.

IBM Informix Database Driver for Perl (also known as DBD::Informix) is
the driver code that enables Perl 5.008001 or later to access Informix
databases via the DBI module (but if you are not already using Perl
5.022000 - or a later version - you should be planning to upgrade Perl).
You will to install DBI version 1.607 or later as well (version 1.634,
or any later version, is recommended) before installing DBD::Informix.
The code for DBD::Informix is available for download via:


** When you successfully build this module, use the ItWorks (Perl)
** script to report your configuration to the maintenance team (meaning
** Jonathan Leffler) at dbd.informix@gmail.com.
** The ItWorks script does not send email to anybody; you have to do
** that yourself.

New in release 2015.1101:
* Pure bug-fix release (fixing glitches in release process, and documenting
   the correct process so maybe the glitches won't reoccur).

New in release 2015.1031:
* This is basically a minor bug-fix release.
* RT#108030 about mismanaging the name of the Perl binary in Makefile.PL
   is fixed.
* RT#108031 is about a missing (actually, misnamed) file in the MANIFEST.

New in release 2015.0826:
* Automatically deal with Perl and DBI minimum versions since the previous
   releases had a mish-mash of version numbers scattered through the code.
* Fix DBD::Informix::TechSupport module, thereby fixing the TechSupport and
   ItWorks scripts too.
* Note that with effect from the first release from 2016-01-01 onwards,
   DBD::Informix will no longer support any version of ClientSDK prior to
   version 3.50, the oldest version currently supported by IBM. The support
   code for some of the older versions of ESQL/C will be removed over time.
   You're welcome to try using older versions, but if anything goes wrong,
   you will need to upgrade.

New in release 2015.0825:
* Deal with changes to ExtUtils::MakeMaker that broke the build.
* Update to require Perl 5.8.1 and DBI 1.607.
* Change work email address back to jleffler@us.ibm.com

New in release 2013.0521:
* Support CSDK 4.10 for IDS 12.10
* Change work email address to jleffler@google.com

Support email address:
* This release is supported by Jonathan Leffler <dbd.informix@gmail.com>.
* You may also report your bugs via the CPAN resolution tracking system:
* Such bug reports can be sent by email to bug-dbd-informix@rt.cpan.org;
   they also get sent to dbd.informix@gmail.com, etc.

As always, see the ChangeLog file for details about what has changed.

Jonathan Leffler (jleffler@us.ibm.com, jonathan.leffler@gmail.com)

@(#)$Id: Announce,v 2015.6 2015/11/01 07:31:31 jleffler Exp $

Jonathan Leffler <jonathan.leffler@gmail.com> #include <disclaimer.h>
Guardian of DBD::Informix - v2015.0826 - http://dbi.perl.org
"Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we shall never cease to be

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