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Dear All,

I am trying to install Bugzilla 3.6 Release with
PostgreSQL 8.2 as database for bugs on
Windows XP Professional 2002 Service Pack 2
Version of Perl 5.10.1
Version of DBI v1.609
Version of DBD-Pg v2.16.1

When i run CheckSetup script of Bugzilla i get following output


* This is Bugzilla 3.6 on perl 5.10.1
* Running on WinXP/.Net Build 2600 (Service Pack 2)

Checking perl modules...
Checking for (v3.33) ok: found v3.49
Checking for Digest-SHA (any) ok: found v5.48
Checking for TimeDate (v2.21) ok: found v2.24
Checking for DateTime (v0.28) ok: found v0.53
Checking for DateTime-TimeZone (v0.79) ok: found v1.10
Checking for DBI (v1.41) ok: found v1.609
Checking for Template-Toolkit (v2.22) ok: found v2.22
Checking for Email-Send (v2.16) ok: found v2.198
Checking for Email-MIME (v1.861) ok: found v1.903
Checking for Email-MIME-Encodings (v1.313) ok: found v1.313
Checking for Email-MIME-Modifier (v1.442) ok: found v1.903
Checking for URI (any) ok: found v1.52

Checking available perl DBD modules...
Checking for DBD-Pg (v1.45) ok: found v2.16.1
Checking for DBD-mysql (v4.00) ok: found v4.012
Checking for DBD-Oracle (v1.19) not found

The following Perl modules are optional:
Checking for GD (v1.20) ok: found v2.44
Checking for Chart (v2.1) ok: found v2.4.1
Checking for Template-GD (any) ok: found v1.56
Checking for GDTextUtil (any) ok: found v0.86
Checking for GDGraph (any) ok: found v1.44
Checking for XML-Twig (any) ok: found v3.34
Checking for MIME-tools (v5.406) ok: found v5.427
Checking for libwww-perl (any) ok: found v5.834
Checking for PatchReader (v0.9.4) ok: found v0.9.5
Checking for perl-ldap (any) ok: found v0.39
Checking for Authen-SASL (any) ok: found v2.13
Checking for RadiusPerl (any) ok: found v0.17
Checking for SOAP-Lite (v0.710.06) ok: found v0.710.10
Checking for JSON-RPC (any) not found
Checking for Test-Taint (any) not found
Checking for HTML-Parser (v3.40) ok: found v3.64
Checking for HTML-Scrubber (any) ok: found v0.08
Checking for Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper (any) not found
Checking for Email-Reply (any) not found
Checking for TheSchwartz (any) not found
Checking for Daemon-Generic (any) not found
Checking for mod_perl (v1.999022) not found
* Certain Perl modules are not required by Bugzilla, but by *
* installing the latest version you gain access to additional *
* features. *
* *
* The optional modules you do not have installed are listed below, *
* with the name of the feature they enable. Below that table are the *
* commands to install each module. *
* JSON-RPC * JSON-RPC Interface *
* Test-Taint * JSON-RPC Interface, XML-RPC Interface *
* Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper * Inbound Email *
* Email-Reply * Inbound Email *
* TheSchwartz * Mail Queueing *
* Daemon-Generic * Mail Queueing *
* mod_perl * mod_perl *
* Note For Windows Users *
* In order to install the modules listed below, you first have to run *
* the following command as an Administrator: *
* *
* ppm repo add theory58S
* *
* Then you have to do (also as an Administrator): *
* *
* ppm repo up theory58S *
* *
* Do that last command over and over until you see "theory58S" at the *
* top of the displayed list. *

JSON-RPC: ppm install JSON-RPC
Test-Taint: ppm install Test-Taint
Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper: ppm install Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper
Email-Reply: ppm install Email-Reply
TheSchwartz: ppm install TheSchwartz
Daemon-Generic: ppm install Daemon-Generic
mod_perl: ppm install mod_perl

Reading ./localconfig...
Checking for DBD-Pg (v1.45) ok: found v2.16.1
Checking for PostgreSQL (v8.00.0000) ok: found v08.02.0500

Removing existing compiled templates...
Precompiling templates...done.

Now that you have installed Bugzilla, you should visit the 'Parameters'
page (linked in the footer of the Administrator account) to ensure it
is set up as you wish - this includes setting the 'urlbase' option to
the correct URL.
Press any key to continue . . .

Now when i try to run Bugzilla, i get following error

Software error:
'Pg' is not a valid choice for $db_driver in localconfig: Can't load
'D:/Program Files/Bugzilla/perl/perl/site/lib/auto/DBD/Pg/Pg.dll'
for module DBD::Pg: load_file:The specified module could not be found at
D:/Program Files/Bugzilla/perl/perl/lib/ line 200.
at Bugzilla/DB/ line 47
Compilation failed in require at Bugzilla/DB/ line 47.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Bugzilla/DB/ line 47.
Compilation failed in require at (eval 940) line 3.

Can you please help me out with this problem.




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