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Dear developers and mainteneurs of DBD::Pg,

If you agree I will like that you make me profit from your experiment
with the DBD::Pg module. I am currently carrying Perl (5.8.8) under
OpenWrt ( and has mainly at the present time an
interpreter Perl, interface DBI and DBD::SQLite module. Today if I seek
to carry the DBD::Pg module it is with an aim of allowing scripts Perl
to dialogue with a server radius based on a PostgreSQL server for the
information storage users.

The Perl that I generated for OpenWrt does not support the dynamic
loading of module and of this fact I am vis-a-vis with the following error:

: ~ $
INSTALLSITELIB=/usr/lib/perl5/5.8 INSTALLSITEARCH=/usr/lib/perl5/5.8

Can' T load module DBI, dynamic loading not available in this Perl.
(You may need to build has new Perl executable which either supports
dynamic loading gold has the DBI modulates statically linked into it.)
line 261 BEGIN failed -- compilation aborted At
line 261. Compilation failed in require At Makefile.PL line 7. BEGIN
failed -- compilation aborted At Makefile.PL line 7.

Here thus my questions:

- - Is there a means of passing in addition to this error of dynamic
loading? If yes which;P? (I for example did not have this problem with
DBD::SQlite who however am also a module which depends on DBI)

- - How to compile Perl, DBI, and DBD::Pg statically ? Could you give me a
procedure or some tracks to reach that point?

- - Have you some tips to give me in order to compile this module ?

thank you very much for your invaluable help!

Sylvain Meras (alias toboz)

- ---------
PS: sorry for my english I'm french.

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