To Rick M:
Can you give me a commit on DateTime::TimeZone::LMT please?

To DateTime folks, especially Dave R, maintainer of DateTime::TimeZone:

DT::TZ::LMT is about creating, registering and using a time zone
which not depend on international borders, DST or the nearest multiple
of 15 degrees. It depends only on the longitude of the location.

The weakest link (no pun intended) is the registration step. It consists
in adding an entry to a %LINKS hashtable. The problem is that until
version 0.79 (August 2008), this hashtable was declared in the
DateTime::TimeZone package and since version 0.80 (September 2008)
it is declared in DateTime::TimeZone::Catalog. But DT::TZ::LMT
was not updated with the change of internals and the CPAN Testers
matrix turned to red.

As a comparison, with DateTime::Locale, there is a register()
function to hide the internals. Is it possible to have a similar
function in a future version of DateTime::TimeZone
so we will be immune to changes of the internals?

Meanwhile, I have updated DateTime::TimeZone::LMT to
use the proper version of the internals, depending on the
version of DateTime::TimeZone. I can release a working
version as soon as I get a commit bit and a round tuit.
Meanwhile, I can still polish the module (review and
improve the POD documentation, for example).

Thank you for your attention.

Jean Forget

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