On Tue, 17 Apr 2001 18:33:52 +0200, Richard.Foley@t-online.de (Richard Foley) wrote:
"H.Merijn Brand" wrote:
Removed all 'not null' from non-primary key fields and got:

% bzip -d <Perlbug-20010406.sql.bz | mysql
ERROR 1146 at line 6904: Table 'perlbug.pb_bug_address' doesn't exist
I think these are the lines that are causing the problem.

ALTER TABLE pb_address_bug RENAME pb_bug_address;
ALTER TABLE pb_address_group RENAME pb_group_address;
ALTER TABLE pb_bug_group RENAME pb_group_bug;
ALTER TABLE pb_change_patch RENAME pb_patch_change;
ALTER TABLE pb_bug_project RENAME pb_project_bug;
ALTER TABLE pb_bug_range RENAME pb_range_bug;
ALTER TABLE pb_bug_user RENAME pb_user_bug;
modified currect scheme you sent (re)applied)
above alter's applied
data loaded (no problem)
alter's below applied.

database up-and-running.
If you apply these and then the following ones, that may solve it.

ALTER TABLE pb_bug_address RENAME pb_address_bug;
ALTER TABLE pb_group_address RENAME pb_address_group;
ALTER TABLE pb_group_bug RENAME pb_bug_group;
ALTER TABLE pb_patch_change RENAME pb_change_patch;
ALTER TABLE pb_project_bug RENAME pb_bug_project;
ALTER TABLE pb_range_bug RENAME pb_bug_range;
ALTER TABLE pb_user_bug RENAME pb_bug_user;
Got MySQL 3.23.36 running on Win2K-NL ! :-)))

H.Merijn Brand Amsterdam Perl Mongers (http://www.amsterdam.pm.org/)
using perl-5.6.1, 5.7.1 & 623 on HP-UX 10.20 & 11.00, AIX 4.2, AIX 4.3,
WinNT 4, Win2K pro & WinCE 2.11 often with Tk800.022 &/| DBD-Unify

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