Author: comdog
Date: Thu Nov 20 14:50:26 2008
New Revision: 12090

perlfaq/trunk/ (props changed)

* How do I keep my own module/library directory?
+ Incorporated Schwern's patch to replace PREFIX with INSTALL_BASE
+ Added a caveat about INSTALL_BASE being different than PREFIX

Modified: perlfaq/trunk/perlfaq8.pod
--- perlfaq/trunk/perlfaq8.pod (original)
+++ perlfaq/trunk/perlfaq8.pod Thu Nov 20 14:50:26 2008
@@ -1254,16 +1254,16 @@

When you build modules, tell Perl where to install the modules.

-For C<Makefile.PL>-based distributions, use the PREFIX and LIB options
+For C<Makefile.PL>-based distributions, use the INSTALL_BASE option
when generating Makefiles:

- perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/mydir/perl LIB=/mydir/perl/lib
+ perl Makefile.PL INSTALL_BASE=/mydir/perl

You can set this in your CPAN.pm configuration so modules automatically install
in your private library directory when you use the CPAN.pm shell:

% cpan
- cpan> o conf makepl_arg PREFIX=/mydir/perl,LIB=/mydir/perl/lib
+ cpan> o conf makepl_arg INSTALL_BASE=/mydir/perl
cpan> o conf commit

For C<Build.PL>-based distributions, use the --install_base option:
@@ -1276,6 +1276,19 @@
cpan> o conf mbuild_arg --install_base /mydir/perl
cpan> o conf commit

+INSTALL_BASE tells these tools to put your modules into
+F</mydir/perl/lib/perl5>. See L<How do I add a directory to my
+include path (@INC) at runtime?> for details on how to run your newly
+installed moudles.
+There is one caveat with INSTALL_BASE, though, since it acts
+differently than the PREFIX and LIB settings that older versions of
+ExtUtils::MakeMaker advocated. INSTALL_BASE does not support
+installing modules for multiple versions of Perl or different
+architectures under the same directory. You should consider if you
+really want that , and if you do, use the older PREFIX and LIB
+settings. See the ExtUtils::Makemaker documentation for more details.
=head2 How do I add the directory my program lives in to the module/library search path?

(contributed by brian d foy)

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