Author: comdog
Date: Thu Dec 13 15:39:01 2007
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* note that the current release is 5.10

Modified: perlfaq/trunk/perlfaq1.pod
--- perlfaq/trunk/perlfaq1.pod (original)
+++ perlfaq/trunk/perlfaq1.pod Thu Dec 13 15:39:01 2007
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@
There is often a matter of opinion and taste, and there isn't any one
answer that fits anyone. In general, you want to use either the current
stable release, or the stable release immediately prior to that one.
-Currently, those are perl5.8.x and perl5.6.x, respectively.
+Currently, those are perl5.10.x and perl5.8.x, respectively.

Beyond that, you have to consider several things and decide which is best
for you.
@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@

=item *

-The immediate, previous releases (i.e. perl5.6.x ) are usually maintained
+The immediate, previous releases (i.e. perl5.8.x ) are usually maintained
for a while, although not at the same level as the current releases.

=item *
@@ -107,15 +107,15 @@

=item *

-There is no Perl 6 for the next couple of years. Stay tuned, but don't
-worry that you'll have to change major versions of Perl soon (i.e. before
+There is no Perl 6 release scheduled, but it will be available when
+it's ready. Stay tuned, but don't worry that you'll have to change
+major versions of Perl; no one is going to take Perl 5 away from you.

=item *

There are really two tracks of perl development: a maintenance version
and an experimental version. The maintenance versions are stable, and
-have an even number as the minor release (i.e. perl5.8.x, where 8 is the
+have an even number as the minor release (i.e. perl5.10.x, where 10 is the
minor release). The experimental versions may include features that
don't make it into the stable versions, and have an odd number as the
minor release (i.e. perl5.9.x, where 9 is the minor release).

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