I've created a small tool to show old versions that are still indexed.
It is available here: http://cpanold.chorny.net/ . You can see its
output for me http://cpanold.chorny.net/?a=CHORNY . If you have old
versions you should delete them (I will do it soon).

Currently there are many distributions that should not be indexed
(indexed old versions have problems, for ex. they can be installed
over new version without warning). Some authors may not want to delete
some version, for ex. it may be last version that they released and
after that maintainer changed, or it is the last version that worked
on some version of perl. Also CPAN can be reindexed (usually this does
not happen). So I propose to create special PAUSE user OLD. Authors
will transfer rights for modules that are no longer needed to this
user. Comaint will mean that author may reuse this module later and
maint will mean that anyone may use this module for his distribution.

Alexandr Ciornii, http://chorny.net

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