Here is the list of 34 proposals, grouped by category. Individual
emails for each proposal will follow. (Two near identical proposals
were merged). In some cases, particularly the "Formatting and Schema"
category, it may make sense to consider and discuss the proposals as a
group rather than individually (e.g. 01, 02, 03 and 06)

Formatting and Schema

01. Update the YAML version declaration
02. Formally switch to "YAML Tiny"
03. Deprecate YAML Tiny dialect for JSON
04. Formalize allowed version number formats
05. Schema
06. Data structures, not YAML


07. Enhance granularity of prerequisites
08. Extensibly Group Prereqs
09. Clarify intent of 'recommends' and add 'suggests'
10. Add a free-text prerequisite field
11. OS/arch/platform-specific requirements
12. Allow Sequences (Arrays) for Prereqs
13. Add a post_depends set
14. Prerequisites should be mutually exclusive
15. Add development_requires
16. Binary Package Dependencies

Change or clarify existing fields

17. Better formalization of license field
18. Make dynamic_config mandatory
19. Make repository resource a hash
20. Make bugtracker resource a hash
21. Formalize optional_features
22. Clarify author field

Add new fields

23. Have a "development version" flag
24. Add a "release_status" field
25. Controlling test suite runs
26. Specify a DLSIP resource
27. Long description
28. Short description
29. Language
30. Trove-Like Categories
31. Version changes

Other proposals

32. Steal from other package meta specs
33. Install Meta files and make them queryable
34. Formally reserve keys for private 'in-house' use

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