[Apologies for getting this note out a week after closing the CFP. I
underestimated the effects of 12 hours of jet lag on my productivity.]

Dear CPAN workers and CPAN Meta Spec working group,

I'm pleased to announce that we received 35 proposals for revisions to
the CPAN Meta Spec in response to the Call for Proposals I issued in
late August. (http://www.dagolden.com/index.php/458/call-for-proposals-cpan-meta-spec/)

I will be reposting each of the 35 proposals as individual emails to
this list for discussion. I was probably too optimistic that the
proposals would contain full patches for the CPAN Meta Spec file, so I
propose that we follow the following process to focus our efforts:

* I clean up and post proposals to the list over the next couple days

* cpan-workers members respond with a quick yes/no/maybe straw-poll to
gauge interest

* Proposals with a yes majority within a week of posting get a
volunteer to formalize proposal as a patch

* Continue to discuss 'maybe' items until consensus (and volunteer to
write a patch) emerges

* Anything not in patch form by Nov 1 gets dropped

In addition to the 'straw poll', comments on all proposals continue to
be welcome until November. In November, anything that is in the form
of a patch will get another straw poll vote by the working group only
and the working group will discuss until consensus is reached on the
final spec.

For reference, I am reposting the process, criteria and resources
given in the original posting.


Here is the process and timeline:

1. Add proposals to the CPAN Meta Spec Proposals page
on the Perl QA Wiki. Discussion and refinement is encouraged through
the discussion page on the wiki or on the cpan-workers mailing list (see
below for details)
2. The Call for Proposals will close on Oct. 1, 2009.
3. The working group will post proposals on the cpan-workers mailing list
for public discussion
4. Public discussion will close on Nov. 1, 2009.
5. The working group will reach consensus on proposals to adopt or reject
and release a new CPAN META Spec no later than Dec. 1, 2009.


Since the work of implementation requires volunteer effort, the working
group is looking for incremental improvements rather than complete rewrites
of the spec. Proposal are more likely to be adopted if they:

* Improve clarity or resolve ambiguity
* Are narrow in scope
* Address specific, current deficiencies
* Are consistent with the general style of the existing spec
* Require minimal implementation effort


The current spec: Browse the current spec, as converted to HTML, here:

The repository: The official spec draft file, META-spec.pod, has been moved
from the Module-Build repository into its own repository on github.
Please feel free to include proposed patches as part of proposals:

* Repository: git://github.com/dagolden/cpan-meta-spec.git
* Browser: http://github.com/dagolden/cpan-meta-spec/


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