As some of you may have noticed from the YAPC schedule[1], I'll be hosting
the "Perl Apprenticeship Hour" next week.

I'm STILL looking for brief descriptions of projects that are
looking for some help, including:
* documentation * tools
* tutorials * bugfixes
* modules * enhancements to existing code
* websites * collaborative efforts
* test code * program suites

If you plan to attend YAPC::America next week, and have:
- an idea for a project, but need extra tuits
- an idea for a project that would be a good way to mentor a beginner
- an idea for a project, don't have time to do it, and don't have a
lot of time to explain it

then please send a brief description ASAP to <ziggy@perl.org>.
The apprenticeship hour will be run much like mjd's Lightning Talks,
where presenters will have ~5 minutes next Wednesday to discuss an
idea for a project.



[1] http://www.yapc.org/America/talks.shtml#schedule

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