1.15_55 is out on CPAN. Major changes since 1.15:

- Fixed: would disconnect from terminal input when running interactively
with an inactivity timeout; fixed by avoiding use of setpgrp(), but
now requires Proc::Killfam to support inactivity timeouts on non Win32
platforms. (Bug reported by Andy Armstrong)

- Added: on FAIL reports, now checks for missing configure_requires
and discards the report if configure_requires is not satisfied.
(Adds Parse::CPAN::Meta as dependency.)

- Fixed: some *.PL files prompt without autoflush, which works
normally, but appears to silently hang when piping to a tee.
CPAN::Reporter now uses Devel::Autoflush in PERL5OPT to always turn
on autoflush

I'd like to release 1.16 soon to deliver these, but they do involve
some big changes. I'd be grateful if people could beat on it and see
if it's stable enough to release.

Thanks very much,

-- David

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