I tried this on Friday afternoon - thought I'd try again...

I keep running into a brick wall when installing the perl module
IO::Socket::SSL. During the install, I get an error message that makes
the install fail. The message happens when cpan is running external
tests, so it seems like there is some kind of problem with a setting
somewhere. I googled the error, I saw that other people have had
problems with their DNS settings, but everything is fine as far as I
know. Anyone know what kinds of issues might produce errors like this,
or anyone know what kinds of settings need to be in place when dealing
with sockets?

Error message:

Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at
/m1/shared/perl/5.8.5-09/lib/5.8.5/sun4-solaris/Socket.pm line 373.

Bad arg length for Socket::pack_sockaddr_in, length is 0, should be 4 at
/m1/shared/perl/5.8.5-09/lib/5.8.5/sun4-solaris/Socket.pm line 373.

I have no idea what I'm doing, but thanks,

John W.

P.S. I'm installing using cpan on solaris 9, perl 5.8.5. And
technically, this error happens while cpan is installing Net::SSLeay, a
dependency of IO::Socket::SSL.

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