David Gilden wrote:
Thanks Dave for the while <FH> loop,

I need to protect against blank lines and spurious white space that
could show up in the data. No doubt the file will edited in Note pad
(on widows 98), and I want to put the data in to the hash in a clean
format. and since the this is basically a price list names of the
product (the keys for the hash) might have spaces: new model , 20 I
do want them quoted: "new model"

also of note Data::Dumper; is built in to OSX! Joy!

Thanks for any refinement on the code below.

( kora musician / audiophile / web master @ cora connection / Ft.
Worth, TX, USA)

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use Data::Dumper;
use strict;

my %prices;

my $data = "/Users/dowda/Desktop/tmp test/test.txt";

open (FH,$data) || die "could not open $data $!";

while( <FH> ) {
All you need for blank line is:
next if ( /^\s*$/ );
s/^\s*(.+)\s*$/$1/; # clean the line
next if m/^\W+/; # blank lines

my( $k, $v ) = split /,/;
If there can be white space, then just change the split
my ( $k, $v ) = spilt(/\s*,\s*/, $_);
$k =~ s/^\s*(.+)\s*$/$1/; # clean the hash key
$v =~ s/^\s*(.+)\s*$/$1/; # clean the value

$prices{qq($k)} = $v;
Also for processing as keys, you may want to either lc or uc all the data and then when inputting a key, use the same methodology to keep things in sync and under your control.

Wags ;)

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