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I come from the keep it as simple as practical school.
Berkeley and MIT have pretty good lawyers. If the BSDs can be
with significantly simpler copyrights and licenses... why do we
need to make
things more complicated?
The BSD and MIT licenses are good, free licenses. The choice between
that style of license and a more "copyleft" license largely depends
on your goals for your project.

Would you care if <some company> took your source code, made changes
to it, shipped a proprietary version, and refused to release the
source code for their changes?

Would you care if <some company> prosecuted one of your project's
users for patent infringement because they used the free version, in
an attempt to get the user to switch to the company's version, or in
an attempt to make money off the lawsuit? (Legitimate uses of
software patents exist, but these aren't.)

If the answer to either of these questions is "Yes", you want a
license with more detailed terms than the BSD or MIT licenses provide.


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