Part of the Perl 6 RFC process in 2000 identified the need to update
the Artistic License (RFCs 211 and 346). From 2000-2001, a group of
interested Perl users on the perl6-licenses mailing list (http://
www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.perl6.licenses/) worked on a first draft
of an updated Artistic License. In 2003, The Perl Foundation started
an extensive review process with independent legal counsel and with a
representative sample of companies and organizations who use and
distribute Perl. We're starting the final stage now: a public review
open to all.

The goal of the license update is to preserve Larry Wall's original
intent, while making the meaning clearer both to lawyers and to
users. We've also added a Contributor License Agreement to document
the relationship between contributors, users, and TPF. You'll find
the latest drafts of the Artistic 2.0 and the Contributor License
Agreement in the legal section of the TPF website (http://

If you have any questions or comments, or just want to follow the
conversation, please subscribe to the mailing list by sending a
message to artistic2-subscribe {at} perl {dot} org.

After 5 years of work, we're excited to reach this point. Thanks to
everyone who contributed along the way!


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