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After almost 4 years since the previous release, I've uploaded a new
AI::Categorizer to CPAN. It's a minor set of changes with only a
couple bug fixes and additions:

0.08 - Tue Mar 20 19:39:41 2007

- Added a ChiSquared feature selection class. [Francois Paradis]

- Changed the web locations of the reuters-21578 corpus that
eg/ uses, since the location it referenced previously has
gone away.

- The building & installing process now uses Module::Build rather
than ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

- When the features_kept mechanism was used to explicitly state the
features to use, and the scan_first parameter was left as its
default value, the features_kept mechanism would silently fail to
do anything. This has now been fixed. [Spotted by Arnaud Gaudinat]

- Recent versions of Weka have changed the name of the SVM class, so
I've updated it in our test (t/03-weka.t) of the Weka wrapper
too. [Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni]


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