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more than a year ago I pointed members on this list to
- a portal with various NLP functionality. Well - there will be a
relaunch officially announced 2004-10-29, but I feel here is the right
place to mention it earlier.

The old portal was based on Yawps/mod_perl/Apache2. We had to go for a
complete reimplementation to account for future (megalomanic :-))
plans we have with this portal. It is now based on Mason/modperl2
running on Apache2 and just serving as frontend to our PMLS (PetaMem
Language Server).

And guess what? PMLS is also pure Perl (well - some Inline::C, but
that will probable get replaced by faster code - in perl).

So we would really like to hear your comments, suggestions, questions
on what you see at I will also happily
answer perl-related technical questions (if any) here.

best regards,

Dipl.-Inf. Richard Jelinek

- The PetaMem Group - Prague/Nuremberg - -
-= 3394928 Mind Units =-

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