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Hi all,

In researching neural networks, I repeatedly found myself frustrated because existing neural
networks have documentation that assumes quite a bit of knowledge about them. In working with
them, I also found that the pure Perl networks were so slow while training as to be almost useless
to me. To this end, I started doing a bit of research about these things and have come up with a
module, AI::NeuralNet::Simple. The core network is written in C with the interface in Perl. You
can download it from

The intent is to have a *simple* neural network that someone new to neural nets can just pick up,
read the docs, and play with. Later they can move to a more robust solution, if desired. If
people would provide me with feedback on the docs, I would appreciate it.

Some caveats:

1. Somehow, I managed to not include the error measuring function. Whoops! This function allows
the user to measure the error rate to determine how training is going. Not sure how I missed
that, but I'm just dashing off a quick email while at work, so I'll write this later and issue a
new version.

2. There is currently no way to load or save a network. I'm not sure if this is an issue as this
is only designed to be something to play with.

3. You can not have more than one network at a time because of my rotten C code -- I am *not* a C
programmer, but I'll probably fix this later if it's a problem.

4. The docs do not make it clear that this module works best for "winner take all" results.

I have two examples in the "examples" directory. The "" example is borrowed from the
book "AI Application Programming" (with the permission of the author).

I am not putting this module on the CPAN unless I feel it's ready for prime time.


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