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Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) requires extreme programming
efforts, whether in Perl or in other XYZ programming environments. is the new Perl AI Weblog.

No matter which AI language you favor, please accept the challenge
of coding a main Alife Mind program loop with stubbed-in calls to
the following artificial intelligence mind-modules:
- Security
- Sensorium
- Emotion
- Think
- Volition
- Motorium.

Please code this first AI module in your favorite
XYZ programming language by following the steps at -- DIY AI.

If you know several programming languages,
please release the AI Mind loop in each of them.

Put the resulting "main Alife Mind program loop"
on your personal Web site as open source AI code.

Then come back to this forum and post a link to your
free AI source code for others to copy and enhance.

The idea is, if enough AI code warriors implement the first
Mind-module, other AI enthusiasts will respond to the grand
challenge of AI and code the AI Mind a little further.

We do not wish to standardize or homogenize the resulting AI code.
On the contrary, we want to see many pathways of AI evolution
branching off into the future in a survival-of-the-fittest race
towards the Technological Singularity of Vernor Vinge.

A.T. Murray

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