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has entered CPAN as

file: $CPAN/authors/id/K/KW/KWILLIAMS/AI-Categorizer-0.04.tar.gz
size: 243180 bytes
md5: e4b60cb505544ee2a8d8d02a36b06a0e

Changes since 0.03:

- Added learners for SVMs, Decision Trees, and a pass-through to

- Added a virtual class for binary classifiers.

- Wrote documentation for lots of the undocumented classes.

- Added a PNG file giving an overview diagram of the classes.

- Added a script 'categorizer' to provide a simple command-line
interface to AI::Categorizer

- save_state() and restore_state() now save to a directory, not a

- Removed F1(), precision(), recall(), etc. from Util package since
they're in Statistics::Contingency. Added random_elements() to

- Collection::Files now warns when no category information is known
about a document in the collection (knowing it's in zero categories
is okay).

- Added the Collection::InMemory class

- Much more thorough testing with 'make test'.

- Added add_hypothesis() method to Experiment.

- Added dot() and value() methods to FeatureVector.

- Added 'feature_selection' parameter to KnowledgeSet.

- Added document($name) accessor method to KnowledgeSet.

- In KnowledgeSet, load(), read(), and scan_*() can now accept a
Collection object.

- Added document_frequency(), finish(), and weigh_features() methods
to KnowledgeSet.

- Added save_features() and restore_features() to KnowledgeSet.

- Added default categories() and categorize() methods to Learner base
class. get_scores() is now abstract.

- Extended interface of ObjectSet class with retrieve(), includes(),
and includes_name().

- Moved 'term_weighting' parameter from Document to KnowledgeSet,
since the normalized version needs to know the maximum
term-frequency. Also changed its values to 'n', 'l', 'b', and 't',
with 'x' a synonym for 't'.

- Implemented full range of TF/IDF term weighting methods (see Salton
& Buckley, "Term Weighting Approaches in Automatic Text Retrieval",
in journal "Information Processing & Management", 1988 #5)


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