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file: $CPAN/authors/id/K/KW/KWILLIAMS/AI-DecisionTree-0.05.tar.gz
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md5: 6098fea5db6d21507cb85cfdd70abf62

Changes since 0.03:

0.05 Thu Sep 12 01:22:34 AEST 2002

- Fixed a concurrency problem that occurred when making more than one
decision tree. All tree data is now stored as member data, not
class data.

- DecisionTree.pm is now pure-perl again (though Instance.pm still
has an XS component).

- Fixed a one-off bug in the Instance.xs code that could create
garbage data.

- Handles "sparse" data better. Sparse data means that every
attribute doesn't have to be defined for every training/test
instance. This can now be a meaningful property - the absence of a
value is currently equivalent to a special "<undef>" value.

- Don't trigger warnings when undefined attribute values are
encountered (as happens with sparse data).

- Added documentation for the 'prune' parameter to new()

- More consistent with memory allocation in Instance.xs - uses the
perl memory macros/functions from `perldoc perlclib` instead of raw

- Catches possible infinite loop situations when growing the tree
(which shouldn't usually happen, but other mistakes can cause it)

- The Instance class now has a numeric-only interface, without string
translation. String translation is done in the main DecisionTree
class. This isn't really a user-visible change.

0.04 Wed Sep 4 19:52:23 AEST 2002

- Now uses regular XS instead of Inline for the C code parts. [patch
by Matt Sergeant]

- Converted the inner loop of the best_attr() method to C code,
because it was spending a lot of time in accessor methods for the C
structures it was using. Don't worry, I'm not going C-crazy. I
won't be making many (any?) more of these kinds of changes, but
these ones were probably necessary.

- Removed a bit of debugging code that I left in for 0.03.


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