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file: $CPAN/authors/id/K/KW/KWILLIAMS/AI-DecisionTree-0.03.tar.gz
size: 21535 bytes
md5: c3b1f1675c1c5ac2e8f41dcfc09d1082

Changes since 0.02:

0.03 Mon Sep 2 11:41:18 AEST 2002

- Added a 'prune' parameter to new(), which controls whether the tree
will be pruned after training. This is usually a good idea, so the
default is to prune. Currently we prune using a simple
minimum-description-length criterion.

- Training instances are now represented using a C struct rather than
a Perl hash. This can dramatically reduce memory usage, though it
doesn't have much effect on speed. Note that Inline.pm is now

- The list of instances is now deleted after training, since it's no
longer needed.

- Small speedup to the train() method, achieved by less copying
of data.

- If get_result() is called in a list context, it now returns a list
containing the assigned result, a "confidence" score (tentative,
subject to change), and the tree depth of the leaf this instance
ended up at.

- Internally, each node in the tree now contains information about
how many training examples contributed to training this node, and
what the distribution of their classes was.

- Added an as_graphviz() method, which will help visualize trees.
They're not terribly pretty graphviz objects yet, but they're


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