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Although I am glad to see someone start to code,
I do not myself know Perl and I am so busy with the Mind
project in Forth and JavaScript, that I can only answer
questions about the Mind project in general; I can not
yet do any Perl programming.

If you were to put up a Web site where you make your work available for others to look at, I could
link to the site from the Perl liaison page at -- with links.

Recently I have started a new Robot AI Mind site at -- archival files.

That domain is one option for you to become a user
such as "perlai" or "perlmind". Gee, we could
start a trend -- a community of AI projects.

The Robot AI Mind documentation is on-line at page.

If you were to start by coding a main loop like --
and if you put the code up on a website,
then maybe we could get other Perl programmers
(I know one here in Seattle) to work on the AI.
Probably each coder should put up a webpage,
so that the AI can "evolve" in loosely coordinated

It would be good if we started a discussion on
news:comp.lang.perl.misc (Usenet) or on -- --
so that we can get help (and more sites)
from your fellow Perl AI coders.

Would you be willing to answer this e-mail
in one of the forums listed above, with
Subject: discussion
or something like that,
so that we may carry on the dialog
in public? If so, please post a message
and send me an e-mail to let me know
that your " discussion" message
has been posted. In fact, I will post
a portion of this e-mail right now,
and you may either respond to it,
or see if anyone else responds.

Bye for now, and best of luck!


Arthur T. Murray

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