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I would like to announce the release of (yet another) PERL evolutionary
algorithm library, called OPEAL (which stands for, you guessed it,
our_own PERL evolutionary algorithm library). It's at .

The idea behind this library is to take advantage of the flexibility of
PERL to create a buzzword-compliant library; so far, the library allows
descriptions of components using XML; an algorithm is described by an
XML document, and a program can just parse it to run the algorithm. A
XSchema for the XML dialect is provided.

The library will also use SOAP (by the SOAP::Lite module) to distibute
evolutionary algorithms among different processors.

So far, it has a bare-bones steady-state evolutionary algorithm, but
several mutation and crossover operators for two different kind of
"chromosomes" have been included. Creting new chromosomes is easy and

I know there are several PERL EA classes out there, but none of them is
in the CPAN; I would like to request a CPAN id for this library, and
would like your advicd in this area. Should it go to the AI hierarchy
(for instance, calling it AI::Evolutionary or AI::EA) or to the
Algorithm (Algorithm::Evolutionary)?

Of course, any advice, collaboration, and so on is welcome. Thanks!


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