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Nuff said. Still, before all is said and done I want to thank CIO for
breathing life into what has been a dead list. It is a pleasant surprize
to discover the many creative minds participating on this list. I learned
a lot.

For all the AI fans out there, if you missed the recent PBS "Beyond Human"
series about nano technology and robots, I recommend you track down a copy.
The robot piece will be rebroadcast this Sunday morning (here at least).
It was, in the word of Mr.Spock..."fascinating."

Lastly, as flames go this was all fairly polite and not at all offensive
compared to what one sees elsewhere. To my mind this speaks to the caliber
of folks who are attracted to Perl.

Peter of the Norton

Simon Cozens
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Simon Cozens

10:17 AM

On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 11:49:22AM -0400, William Thompson wrote:
While I hesitate to step into what seems like a religious war
I'm the list admin, so I guess it's my job to step into a religious war. :)

Guys, can we move the advocacy to where it belongs? If
what you're posting is *really* about the suitability of Perl for AI,
then feel free to post it, but if it ain't, it shouldn't be here.

The Messiah will come. There will be a resurrection of the dead -- all
the things that Jews believed in before they got so damn sophisticated.
- Rabbi Meir Kahane

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