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I was poking at matching spam with genetic algorithms and was a little
suprised not to find any modules which deal with these on CPAN. I've made a
start on something which should be useful, a set of methods implementing
various mutations.

At the moment I've called them Genetics::Gene::Sequence and Simple but feel
that they might better fit within the AI bit of the name space as
AI::Gene::* or something simillar. The current verson (0.12 at the moment)
is available at

which also includes some little examples of their use.

If anyone has any feedback, or if I'm barking up an already grown tree, it'd
be nice to hear.

Alex Gough <>

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  • John Porter at Dec 31, 2000 at 5:46 pm

    Alex Gough wrote:
    If anyone has any feedback, or if I'm barking up an already grown tree, it'd
    be nice to hear.
    I'd like to say a little something from my own experience with doing GA/GP
    in Perl: Don't. That is, unless you're just doing it for fun, to see
    how it might look if written in Perl. If you're expecting to evolve (:-)
    a useful, production-quality system, think hard about your performance
    requirements. To do a GA/GP system really requires OO, I think, and OO
    in perl is bloody slow. I wrote a little OO-based GP testbed, with a
    total class hierarchy size of less than a dozen classes, and it was still
    a good two orders of magnitude slower than the full-blown Java-based
    system I've been using, ECJ, which contains like hundreds of classes.
    And that's Java. There are C++-based systems which are undoubtedly
    even faster. As you know, if you've done any GA/GP research, performce
    is critical because you'd like to run large populations for many
    generations, and in GP particularly, the time to evaluate an individual
    grows like exponentially in the number of generations, unless you have
    some kind of advanced aggressive size control.

    John Porter

    What would Gabrielle do?

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