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I've made some progress on this. I've written a couple modules,
AI::Categorize and AI::Categorize::NaiveBayes. I've also written a
paper that describes what they do: (same paper, different formats)

I'm not completely sold on the naming scheme or interface yet. The
theory is that I'm making an abstract superclass for
auto-categorization, and various categorization algorithms are modules
descended therefrom. So far ...::NaiveBayes is the only subclass I've
implemented, but I plan to look into Support Vectors or kNN or something
if I get the chance. (I use these terms like I know what they mean, but
I don't - writing these implementations is my way of learning about
them. More info in a comparitive paper:

If anyone has feedback or interest, I'd love to hear it before putting
any of this stuff on CPAN. (Ken Williams) wrote:
I'm currently working on an automatic document categorization system
written in Perl. The goal is to take questions coming in to an
ask-an-expert service ( and guess at the
category of their subject matter. The system I've begun writing uses
the "Naïve Bayes" classification theory. I believe this is one of the
more popular ways of doing categorization, but it's my first stab at
understanding the technique.

If anyone's interested in seeing anything I'm doing, you can look at . Everything I've done so far is
there, but there's precious little explanation. Eventually I'll be
writing some explanation, because this is a project for a class I'm
taking in Computational Linguistics.

Also, if anyone knows anything about the Bayesian methods I'm trying to
use, I'm interested in hearing it. I haven't really found any good
examples of the techniques in action, I'm just going on instinct and a
knowledge of Bayes' Theorem.

I'll send updates to the list whenever I feel like I'm making progress.
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