Hi all,

OpenHatch ( https://openhatch.org/ ) is a new site whose mission is (
https://openhatch.org/about/ ):

Our core product is an open source software involvement engine. For
developers, we provide tools to demonstrate and broaden their experience and
expertise in the open source community. Our vision is to make the open source
community better connected, more productive, and ultimately well rewarded for
its expertise.

There are already some projects there, but not too many Perl or Perl-related
ones. If you can register at the site and add your projects, then it be great.

Note that OpenHatch.org may still have some usability problems as of now, but
it can be improved, either by contacting the developers on #openhatch on
Freenode or by patching the site's backend code, which is AGPLed.


Shlomi Fish

Shlomi Fish http://www.shlomifish.org/
Understand what Open Source is - http://shlom.in/oss-fs

God considered inflicting XSLT as the tenth plague of Egypt, but then
decided against it because he thought it would be too evil.

Please reply to list if it's a mailing list post - http://shlom.in/reply .

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