Here's is a case for Escape Analysis. When a array of a primitive type is indexed by a variable, the allocation of the array is no longer optimized. A small test case is attached. There are two similar programs. The main difference is:

< s += b[i];
switch (i) {
case 0: s += b[0]; break;
case 1: s += b[1]; break;
case 2: s += b[2]; break;
case 3: s += b[3]; break;
case 4: s += b[4]; break;
case 5: s += b[5]; break;

For the second program the array allocation is eliminated. A log with more information and the Assembly output are included.
Can for the first program the array allocation be optimized as well ?


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  • Paul Thio at Nov 27, 2010 at 6:34 am
    Please ignore my previous mail about Escape Analysis. I found the answer in the jdk 7 notes:

    "After escape analysis, the server compiler eliminates scalar replaceable object allocations and associated locks from heap. The server compiler also eliminates locks for all non-globally escaping objects. It does not replace a heap allocation with a stack allocation for non-globally escaping objects."

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