I'm disenchanted with the spotty database support in wxWidgets concerning the linkage between the backend database and the GUI frontend. It has an odbc class which displays rows in a grid object but has little ability to translate updates of the grid back to the database.
The GUI controls for database access in wxwidgets are not supported either within the GUI builders. (this is from my own research, and if you know of code which links frontend and backend which is stable, please let me know...)
I really like the mySQL++ package. I find it intuitive and easy to use. Kudos.
I am writing the mailing list to see if anyone has some advice on using mySQL++ with wxWidgets.
My pie-in-the-sky goal is to create an add-on widget to wxFormBuilder. This widget would gather child controls (such as those grouped on a notebook page) and create the following:
a) the mysql++ sql_creat macro filled in with information gathered from the fields on form
b) a wxwidgets subclass which inherits the sql_creat-ed class and associated populate, update, & revert methods.
The higher level database "next", "previous", etc.. buttons would still be for someone to add as they care to.. The idea is mainly to facilitate the action of moving a row to the screen and back again.
Any ideas or opinions?
I'd also like to ask for some clarification:
If my table has 10 fields F1..F10 with F1 being the primary key,
can I create a class using sql_creat containing F1,F3,F7, & F8 as long as
I populate it with "SELECT F1,F3,F7,F8 FROM myTable;"
I believe that I should be able to but have not yet written the test code to verify.
Thanks for your candid opinions.
Daniel Chapiesky
CM Technology Services

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