It's finally here, version 2.1:

o Converted automake and makemake files to their equivalents in
Bakefile format.

o Added the Transaction class, which makes it easy to use
transaction sets in MySQL++.

o Added xaction example to test new Transaction class.

o Resetdb example now creates its example table using the
InnoDB storage engine, in order to test the new transaction
support. Resetdb also declares the table as using UTF-8
text; this doesn't change anything, but it does correctly
document what we're doing.

o Added sql_types.h header, containing C++ typedefs
corresponding to each MySQL column type. Using those new
types in the type_info module, and in the SSQLS examples.

o Replaced the way we were handling the template query
version of Query member functions, to allow an arbitrary
number of template query parameters. By default, we
now support 25 parameters, up from the old limit of 12.
It's now possible to change just one number, run a script,
and have a new limit.

o Connection class does a better job of returning error
messages if you call certain member functions that depend
on a connection to the server before the connection is

o Updated libmysqlclient.def for newer versions of MySQL. (Fixes
build errors having to do with mysql_more_results() and

o Replaced final use of strcpy() with strncpy().

o custom.pl now runs without complaint in strict mode, with
warnings turned on. Thanks for this patch go to "Waba".

o Fixed a bug in custom.pl where incorrect code would be
generated for some SSQLS set() methods. Thanks for this
patch go to "Waba".

o SSQLS structures now support long and unsigned long fields.
Thanks for this patch go to "Waba".

o It's now possible to put SSQLS definitions in a header
file used by multiple modules in a program without
getting multiple static member definition errors. See the
documentation for details. Thanks for this patch go to
Viktor Stark.

o Moved the definition of the 'stock' SSQLS out of the
custom*.cpp example files and into a new stock.h file.
Also, #including that file in the util module to test out
the new SSQLS multiple static definition fix.

o Using all of the digits of precision guaranteed by the
IEEE 754 spec when stringizing floating point numbers
to build queries. Previously, we would use the platform
default, which can be as few as 6 digits.

o Removed lib/compare.h. Not used within the library, never
documented, and nobody seems to want to defend it.

As always, you can download it at http://tangentsoft.net/mysql++/

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