In fact, just after
qry = new Query(con);

qry does not contains the same address in conn_ than con object
it could be then normal that :
making a select returns me "connection has gone away"
deleting qry object crashes cause of that bad pointer

i'll try tonight to have a look at the sources near Query(mysqlpp::Conn...)

I can confirm that simple1 is working properly as Connection & query are declared non-pointer in the same function under VS 2005


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Date : Thu, 18 Aug 2005 10:00:23 -0600
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[email protected] wrote:
Qry object does not contain a correct conn_ pointer.
That's not very helpful. What makes you think it is not valid? Is it
valid right after you create the Query object? At what point does it
become invalid?
PS : i'm not able to run 'makemake vc',
Sorry, make.bat was accidentally left out of the distribution. I've
attached the current version.

I am sending this to the mailing list. Please do not email me directly.
This sort of thing belongs on the mailing list, where others can
benefit from this exchange.
Code :

try {
con = new Connection(use_exceptions);
if(con!=NULL) {
qry = new Query(con);
a "standalone" usable class
if(con == NULL || con->connected()==false) {
Log::AddLog("ERROR Connection failed to MYSQL Server");
return false;
catch (BadQuery er ) {
Log::AddLog("ERROR while connecting to MYSQL Server" + String(er.what()));
return false;
return true;
That looks perfectly reasonable to me. What part of it fails?

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