In previous installs, I've never been able to do it 'right'
but fresh install (4.1.1), new machine. So I'd like to set it up
so perl Makefile.PL on modules will install without having to pass special
parameters to build process.

First. mysql_install_db sets up the test db so that the anonymous user
(that is any machine identifer user who is not identified to mysql) has
all the privledges that are need to test.

But at the point of testing, it is required that root@localhost have an
empty password to test against the 'test' DBS. As soon as the database is
installed, most root accounts have a significant password.

How can I setup a user 'root' to grant all priveledges on test -and-
having a null password? while still protecting the other databases?

[[ Installing modules in Perl generally requires root level privledges
and so root is -never- an anonymous mysql user. ]]

is there a way to set things up so that a standard set of parameters can
be passed to perl Makefile.PL to generate a successfull make test
situation (consider perl -MCPAN -e shell)

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