I have a written a Windows client that accesses a MySQL server (Linux)
via the MySQL C API. Stored in the MySQL database are large files
(larger than a Mbyte). The C API makes it very easy for the client to
query and alter the database. However, I have some special needs that
don't appear to be addressed by the C API. The windows client needs the
ability to download files from the database. But, before the files can
be downloaded to the client, the server needs to insert (into the file)
some custom information and then encrypt the entire file. Here are my

1. Is there any way I can get MySQL (by means of the C API) to execute
a custom process on certain entries in the database?

2. Once the custom processing has been accomplished, how can I transfer
the customized file from the server to the client?

3. Apache is not part of the equation, but I would love to use PHP to
solve the above problems. Is there any way that this could be

Thanks in advance for any advice that you might have.


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