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== Current Tasks (List of steps for the MyFaces Reorg) ==
=== Key Decisions ===
* ''[DONE]'' List of artifacts to be produced in various releases
* Decide name for new components + extensions subproject (tomahawk/mocasin/lonewolf?) --> ''Discussion is underway on myfaces-dev list''

==== SVN Preparation ====
* Decide on organization of new subprojects --> ''Discussion is underway on myfaces-dev list''
* Set up test SVN server --> James Mitchell
* Perform walkthrough of SVN reorg on test server

=== SVN Reorganization ===
* Disable SVN emails for MyFaces project until move is completed
* Disable commits for MyFaces project (except for individuals performing reorg)
* Perform SVN Reorg
* Enable SVN emails

=== Build Script Changes ===
* Get ant scripts working with new structure (including producing new or renamed artifacts)
* Get bootstrap.xml and nightly build process working
* Get automated build of website working with existing techniques (ant, bootstrap, cron, etc)

=== Website Follup ===
* Add a new news announcement pertaining to the reorg
* Relabel the "components" tab to whatever the new subproject name is

=== Long Term ===
* Mavenize things --> ''James Mitchell''
* Additional automated web tests (Cruise Control, etc.) --> ''Bill Dudney''

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