Hi Gerald and Embperl users,

I've been interested in giving my users the option of uploading multiple
files simultaneously, and the only/best option I was able to find up to
now has been the swfupload Flash widget. However I now notice that
people are starting to talk about doing this via HTML5, and I came
across this interesting feature: You can add a "multiple" attribute to
the upload button, e.g. <input type="file" multiple ...>. When I do
this, my browser (Seamonkey 2.3.3 on Linux) does surprisingly allow me
to select multiple files in the standard upload dialog. However I'm not
sure if it's actually sending the files (it seemed to come back very
quickly), and I don't seem to receive anything on the server side that
makes much sense (my usual upload script ended up with a file of zero
bytes). So I'm wondering if anyone knows whether this browser feature is
actually working (i.e. do those files actually get transmitted somehow
in one request) and if so, would it be possible to process them from

Or, if pure HTML5 is the way to go, is this feasible with today's
mainstream browsers, and again is it possible to process whatever comes
in on the server side using the current Embperl? It would be really nice
to be able to do this without resorting to Flash widgets.



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