Hi all

I noticed a small problem today with the ordering of results in my
lucene.net application. I went to check this out using Luke, and
for the same query, results *were *returned in the order I expected. I had
a look at the explain information for the query and the only difference
between Luke and my application was the coord factor being applied to the
total score. For a query of 4 terms (the word shutter in 4 different
fields), the output for a document scoring too highly was:

{3.759847 = (MATCH) sum of:
2.072256 = (MATCH) weight(Title:shutter in 17340), product of:
0.2624871 = (MATCH) weight(Meta:shutter in 17340), product of:
1.425103 = (MATCH) weight(Text:shutter in 17340), product of:

In Luke, this score was then multiplied by a coord of 0.75 to give a score
of 2.8199 (much nicer).

So I had a bit of a dig around and found there is a disableCoord option when
constructing a BooleanQuery. I made sure this was set to false and tried
again. Still no luck.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Many thanks

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