Hi Andy,

I believe you are on the right track, index fragmentation maybe your issue.

How frequently are you updating the index, vs. how frequently are you
optimizing it? Is the update adding new documents vs. modifying existing

If after optimizing you still don't get back the original performance, stop
indexing for a bit and see if search gets better.

If fragmentation is your issue, I have some suggestions that may work for


-- George

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Subject: Question about query performance degredation

I have a scenario where I'm seeing the performance (specifically time) of
searches against my index degrade on a daily basis. The amount of time it
is taking to load the index is staying fairly constant however. This is a
fairly large index. It has over a million documents in it.

The scenario I have is that I'm maintaining the index from data in the
database ... and I'm doing so on onstant basis. So essentially as changes
are made in the database I have a background task that updates the index.
So I'm supporting concurrent readers and writers on a constant basis
throughout the day. I'm NOT using compound files. During my development
and testing, the use of compound files caused a significant increase in Disk
I/O usage and caused the maintenance of the index to take much longer. As
such ... I decided against them.

My thoughts are that the reason the search is taking longer is because the
index files are getting more and more "fragmented" over time because I'm not
using the compound files. And that's why the searches are taking longer.



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