I have some questions about what kind of behavior is expected when passing
Version.LUCENE_24/29/30 to QueryParser and the StandardAnalyzer when parsing
a query. I know that passing the Version to the constructors make Lucene
act that like version, with all features and bugs intact. The behavior I
expect (and am getting from these versions, in both Java and .NET Lucene) is
when passing a query to parse that is in quotes and includes stopwords,
would be a lowercase string in quotes, with the stopwords removed. ex.
"Calendar item as Msg" -> "calendar item msg".

I'm getting different results from pylucene, which just invokes a lucene
jar. It parses "Calendar item as Msg" -> "calendar item ? msg", which
causes the query to fail. People from the pylucene project want to know
the expected behavior, as they recall it behaving differently in past
versions. I see no reason that the behavior would change from using the
same version of lucene in pylucene vs straight java.

Your answer is greatly appreciated.


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