Currently we are facing the problem that some searches espacially fuzzy (term~0.6) wildcard searches (*term*) needs some time depending on the field-searchword combination (the more terms there are the more processing has to be done).
We improved the performance through caching the bitsets of the single fuzzy query/wildcard query.

Within our logs we can see that combined queries within a BooleanQuery are processed sequentially. So our question are: Does it make sense for you to parallelize the processing of the queries within a boolean query (with a restriction of the amount of prallel processed queries)? With the caches in mind it might be faster and the system is running on a multicore machine. Has anyone experience in prallelizing single query processing within a BooleanQuery?
Could there be drawbacks combining the results of the booelan clauses (e.g some IO). At the end there should only be the bitsets connected to the terms and this should be in memory already, shouldn't it?

Thanks in advance


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