But that doesn't solve my problem since I can't guarantee that articles are added in a special order to the index.

How ever it seems to work nice using a float as norm value.



Från: Paul Elschot
Skickat: on 2006-06-21 19:32
Till: java-user@lucene.apache.org
Ämne: Re: Modifying the stored norm type

On Wednesday 21 June 2006 12:13, karl wettin wrote:
On Tue, 2006-06-20 at 18:01 +0200, Paul Elschot wrote:
On Tuesday 20 June 2006 12:02, Marcus Falck wrote:
encodeNorm method of the Similarity class will encode my boost value
into a single byte decimal number. And I will loose a lot of
resolution and will get severe rounding errors.
Are 256 different values enough for your case?
Marcus is trying to use the norms to enforce results in chronological
order when matching a TB-sized corpus. He can't get any speed by sorting
on a date field.

Here is an idea:

Never delete documents. Use unsafe document number as system clock. Make
Deleting documents does not change the order of the remaining ones.
sure TermDocs always return references in reversed chronological order
There is no need to write extra code for that, the documents would be
collected oldest first, newest last.
and write a HitCollector that does not re-order.

That should work, right?
In case you need oldest first, yes.

Paul Elschot

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