I have downloaded the latest release lucene 1.9.I have deployed in
When i search from the front end.It gives me the message.Please tell me
how to use lucene 1.9 .

Welcome to the Lucene Template application. (This is the header)

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null <http://localhost:8080/luceneweb/null> null
null <http://localhost:8080/luceneweb/null> null
null <http://localhost:8080/luceneweb/null> null


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  • Murat Yakici at Mar 7, 2006 at 10:56 am
    I would like to by-pass the IndexWriter and directly write the terms and
    their frequencies to the index (and may proximity info later on). I
    might have missed any discussion if previously. As far as I know, the
    high level API in Lucene only allows you to add documents (which are
    populated by terms) to the index through IndexWriter. These are resolved
    to low-level method calls and written to the index. However, I'm getting
    the following information (term frequency pairs) to be push to the
    index: t1->f1, t2->f2, t3->f3 and so on. In other words, a functionality
    equivalent to IndexReader's termEnum, termDocs for IndexWriter (for
    directly pushing the terms to a document which already exists in the
    index ).

    Is there a way to use the low-level API (FieldInfos,TermVectorWriter
    etc.) securely without breaking the integrity of the index?

    Which classes I should be looking at specificaly?


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