We are working on a solution using Lucene to index
3 million documents. The index is occasionally frequently updated,
which makes the overhead for creating IndexReaders and IndexWriters huge.

When we want to update a document in the index, we start by searching
for the documentId based on a "column" specified in the document. This
is done using an IndexSearcher that is opened on the index. After we have found the documentId, we delete the document using an IndexReader (which is then closed). The index is then updated with a newly constructed document using an IndexWriter (which is the closed).
This procedure is then repeated for every update.

The writing and deletion in the index is all made by a single
java thread. Other than that thread, the index is only used for
searching. The question is then if it ok to have both an IndexReader
and IndexWriter open at the same time (disregarding the write.lock in the index)? Is there anything kept in memory by IndexReader and IndexWriter which makes this impossible or is it only a problem if several threads are used to update an index at the same time ?

Is it ok to do unlock on the index (IndexReader.unlock) every time we want to add a new document to the index, or is there some other way to solve this problem?
From a performance point of view, its impossible to open and close a reader and writer every time we want to make an addition to the index.
best regards,
Daniel Eriksson

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