Not sure if we have to, but I believe there is a discussion going on
at community@a.o concerning signatures and the need to upgrade.
Something about number of bits, etc. See recent threads from Robert
Burrell Donkin. See http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/www-community/200908.mbox/browser
and the thread title [OpenPGP] Key Transition

I _believe_ if you have a longer key (> 2048) you are all right.

Also, Mark, since we are having a Lucene Meetup next week in CA and
many of us are going to be there, it would be good to do some key
signing so that you (and anyone else who does Lucene releases) are in
the Apache Web of Trust (we can teach you the secret handshake and
motto, too! Ha, ha, ha! I'm kidding, it's just Web Of Trust is so
secret sounding)


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