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Simon Willnauer commented on LUCENE-2562:

mark, I marked this as gsoc2011 so if somebody is interested in working on this during GSoC can apply for it. Hope that is ok for you though.
Make Luke a Lucene/Solr Module

Key: LUCENE-2562
Project: Lucene - Java
Issue Type: Task
Reporter: Mark Miller
Labels: gsoc2011, lucene-gsoc-11
Attachments: luke1.jpg, luke2.jpg, luke3.jpg

I think it would be great if there was a version of Luke that always worked with trunk - and it would also be great if it was easier to match Luke jars with Lucene versions.
While I'd like to get GWT Luke into the mix as well, I think the easiest starting point is to straight port Luke to another UI toolkit before abstracting out DTO objects that both GWT Luke and Pivot Luke could share.
I've started slowly converting Luke's use of thinlet to Apache Pivot. I haven't/don't have a lot of time for this at the moment, but I've plugged away here and there over the past work or two. There is still a *lot* to do.
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