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As the comments in HIVE-1228 mention, we decided not to address the :timestamp requirement. So if you need that, you can work on enhancing the HBase storage handler by opening a JIRA issue, proposing an approach, and submitting a patch.

On Jul 24, 2011, at 12:42 PM, 张建轶 wrote:


I'm a developer of web in China, I'm studying Hive and Hbase for my job.
But I had encountered a problem of
Hbase Handler in Hive. I want :timestamp column to be mapped for read or
write, and then import data of timestamp to hbase's table from hive.
I find follow url of this issue:
It seems that this problem has resolved. But in this page
said that "there is currently no way to access the HBase timestamp
attribute, and queries always access data with the latest timestamp."

How can I map the latest timestamp to hive or "INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE
hbase_table_1" with timestamp?
I have googled it many times, but nothing found. If you could help me,
it will be a big kindnesses to me. I will appreciate your replay.

With thanks and best wishes to you.


Jianyi Zhang

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