Grokbase Groups Hive user March 2011
The Apache Hive team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Hive

Apache Hive is a data warehouse system for Hadoop that facilitates easy data
summarization, ad-hoc querying, and analysis of large datasets stored in
Hadoop compatible file systems

Apache Hive 0.7.0 is available in both binary and source distributions.


Release Notes - Hive - Version 0.7.0

** New Feature
* [HIVE-78] - Authorization infrastructure for Hive
* [HIVE-417] - Implement Indexing in Hive
* [HIVE-471] - Add reflect() UDF for reflective invocation of Java
* [HIVE-537] - Hive TypeInfo/ObjectInspector to support union (besides
struct, array, and map)
* [HIVE-842] - Authentication Infrastructure for Hive
* [HIVE-1096] - Hive Variables
* [HIVE-1293] - Concurrency Model for Hive
* [HIVE-1304] - add row_sequence UDF
* [HIVE-1405] - hive command line option -i to run an init file before
other SQL commands
* [HIVE-1408] - add option to let hive automatically run in local mode
based on tunable heuristics
* [HIVE-1413] - bring a table/partition offline
* [HIVE-1438] - sentences() UDF for natural language tokenization
* [HIVE-1481] - ngrams() UDAF for estimating top-k n-gram frequencies
* [HIVE-1514] - Be able to modify a partition's fileformat and file
location information.
* [HIVE-1518] - context_ngrams() UDAF for estimating top-k contextual
* [HIVE-1528] - Add json_tuple() UDTF function
* [HIVE-1529] - Add ANSI SQL covariance aggregate functions: covar_pop
and covar_samp.
* [HIVE-1549] - Add ANSI SQL correlation aggregate function CORR(X,Y).
* [HIVE-1609] - Support partition filtering in metastore
* [HIVE-1624] - Patch to allows scripts in S3 location
* [HIVE-1636] - Implement "SHOW TABLES {FROM | IN} db_name"
* [HIVE-1659] - parse_url_tuple: a UDTF version of parse_url
* [HIVE-1661] - Default values for parameters
* [HIVE-1779] - Implement GenericUDF str_to_map
* [HIVE-1790] - Patch to support HAVING clause in Hive
* [HIVE-1792] - track the joins which are being converted to map-join
* [HIVE-1818] - Call frequency and duration metrics for HiveMetaStore
via jmx
* [HIVE-1819] - maintain lastAccessTime in the metastore
* [HIVE-1820] - Make Hive database data center aware
* [HIVE-1827] - Add a new local mode flag in Task.
* [HIVE-1835] - Better auto-complete for Hive
* [HIVE-1840] - Support ALTER DATABASE to change database properties
* [HIVE-1856] - Implement DROP TABLE/VIEW ... IF EXISTS
* [HIVE-1881] - Make the MetaStore filesystem interface pluggable via
the hive.metastore.fs.handler.class configuration property
* [HIVE-1889] - add an option (hive.index.compact.file.ignore.hdfs) to
ignore HDFS location stored in index files.
* [HIVE-1971] - Verbose/echo mode for the Hive CLI

** Improvement
* [HIVE-138] - Provide option to export a HEADER
* [HIVE-474] - Support for distinct selection on two or more columns
* [HIVE-558] - describe extended table/partition output is cryptic
* [HIVE-1126] - Missing some Jdbc functionality like getTables
getColumns and HiveResultSet.get* methods based on column name.
* [HIVE-1211] - Tapping logs from child processes
* [HIVE-1226] - support filter pushdown against non-native tables
* [HIVE-1229] - replace dependencies on HBase deprecated API
* [HIVE-1235] - use Ivy for fetching HBase dependencies
* [HIVE-1264] - Make Hive work with Hadoop security
* [HIVE-1378] - Return value for map, array, and struct needs to return
a string
* [HIVE-1394] - do not update transient_lastDdlTime if the partition is
modified by a housekeeping operation
* [HIVE-1414] - automatically invoke .hiverc init script
* [HIVE-1415] - add CLI command for executing a SQL script
* [HIVE-1430] - serializing/deserializing the query plan is useless and
* [HIVE-1441] - Extend ivy offline mode to cover metastore downloads
* [HIVE-1443] - Add support to turn off bucketing with ALTER TABLE
* [HIVE-1447] - Speed up reflection method calls in GenericUDFBridge and
* [HIVE-1456] - potentail NullPointerException
* [HIVE-1463] - hive output file names are unnecessarily large
* [HIVE-1469] - replace isArray() calls and remove LOG.isInfoEnabled()
in Operator.forward()
* [HIVE-1495] - supply correct information to hooks and lineage for
index rebuild
* [HIVE-1497] - support COMMENT clause on CREATE INDEX, and add new
command for SHOW INDEXES
* [HIVE-1512] - Need to get hive_hbase-handler to work with hbase
versions 0.20.4 0.20.5 and cloudera CDH3 version
* [HIVE-1513] - hive starter scripts should load admin/user supplied
script for configurability
* [HIVE-1517] - ability to select across a database
* [HIVE-1533] - Use ZooKeeper from maven
* [HIVE-1536] - Add support for JDBC PreparedStatements
* [HIVE-1546] - Ability to plug custom Semantic Analyzers for Hive
* [HIVE-1581] - CompactIndexInputFormat should create split only for
files in the index output file.
* [HIVE-1605] - regression and improvements in handling NULLs in joins
* [HIVE-1611] - Add alternative search-provider to Hive site
* [HIVE-1616] - Add ProtocolBuffersStructObjectInspector
* [HIVE-1617] - ScriptOperator's AutoProgressor can lead to an infinite
* [HIVE-1622] - Use CombineHiveInputFormat for the merge job if
* [HIVE-1638] - convert commonly used udfs to generic udfs
* [HIVE-1641] - add map joined table to distributed cache
* [HIVE-1642] - Convert join queries to map-join based on size of
* [HIVE-1645] - ability to specify parent directory for zookeeper lock
* [HIVE-1655] - Adding consistency check at jobClose() when committing
dynamic partitions
* [HIVE-1660] - Change get_partitions_ps to pass partition filter to
* [HIVE-1692] - FetchOperator.getInputFormatFromCache hides causal
* [HIVE-1701] - drop support for pre-0.20 Hadoop versions
* [HIVE-1704] - remove Hadoop 0.17 specific test reference logs
* [HIVE-1738] - Optimize Key Comparison in GroupByOperator
* [HIVE-1743] - Group-by to determine equals of Keys in reverse order
* [HIVE-1746] - Support for using ALTER to set IDXPROPERTIES
* [HIVE-1749] - ExecMapper and ExecReducer: reduce function calls to
* [HIVE-1750] - Remove Partition Filtering Conditions when Possible
* [HIVE-1751] - Optimize
* [HIVE-1754] - Remove JDBM component from Map Join
* [HIVE-1757] - test cleanup for Hive-1641
* [HIVE-1758] - optimize group by hash map memory
* [HIVE-1761] - Support show locks for a particular table
* [HIVE-1765] - Add queryid while locking
* [HIVE-1768] - Update transident_lastDdlTime only if not specified
* [HIVE-1782] - add more debug information for hive locking
* [HIVE-1783] - CommonJoinOperator optimize the case of 1:1 join
* [HIVE-1785] - change Pre/Post Query Hooks to take in 1 parameter:
* [HIVE-1786] - Improve documentation for str_to_map() UDF
* [HIVE-1787] - optimize the code path when there are no outer joins
* [HIVE-1796] - dumps time at which lock was taken along with the
queryid in show locks <T> extended
* [HIVE-1797] - Compressed the hashtable dump file before put into
distributed cache
* [HIVE-1798] - Clear empty files in Hive
* [HIVE-1801] - HiveInputFormat or CombineHiveInputFormat always sync
blocks of RCFile twice
* [HIVE-1811] - Show the time the local task takes
* [HIVE-1824] - create a new ZooKeeper instance when retrying lock, and
more info for debug
* [HIVE-1831] - Add a option to run task to check map-join possibility
in non-local mode
* [HIVE-1834] - more debugging for locking
* [HIVE-1843] - add an option in dynamic partition inserts to throw an
error if 0 partitions are created
* [HIVE-1852] - Reduce unnecessary DFSClient.rename() calls
* [HIVE-1855] - Include Process ID in the log4j log file name
* [HIVE-1865] - redo zookeeper hive lock manager
* [HIVE-1899] - add a factory method for creating a synchronized wrapper
for IMetaStoreClient
* [HIVE-1900] - a mapper should be able to span multiple partitions
* [HIVE-1907] - Store jobid in ExecDriver
* [HIVE-1910] - Provide config parameters to control cache object
* [HIVE-1923] - Allow any type of stats publisher and aggregator in
addition to HBase and JDBC
* [HIVE-1929] - Find a way to disable owner grants
* [HIVE-1931] - Improve the implementation of the
* [HIVE-1948] - Have audit logging in the Metastore
* [HIVE-1956] - "Provide DFS initialization script for Hive
* [HIVE-1961] - Make Stats gathering more flexible with timeout and
* [HIVE-1962] - make a libthrift.jar and libfb303.jar in dist package
for backward compatibility
* [HIVE-1970] - Modify build to run all tests regardless of subproject
* [HIVE-1978] - Hive SymlinkTextInputFormat does not estimate input size

** Bug
* [HIVE-307] - "LOAD DATA LOCAL INPATH" fails when the table already
contains a file of the same name
* [HIVE-741] - NULL is not handled correctly in join
* [HIVE-1203] - HiveInputFormat.getInputFormatFromCache "swallows" cause
exception when throwing IOExcpetion
* [HIVE-1305] - add progress in join and groupby
* [HIVE-1376] - Simple UDAFs with more than 1 parameter crash on empty
row query
* [HIVE-1385] - UDF field() doesn't work
* [HIVE-1416] - Dynamic partition inserts left empty files uncleaned in
hadoop 0.17 local mode
* [HIVE-1422] - skip counter update when RunningJob.getCounters()
returns null
* [HIVE-1440] - FetchOperator(mapjoin) does not work with RCFile
* [HIVE-1448] - bug in 'set fileformat'
* [HIVE-1453] - Make Eclipse launch templates auto-adjust to Hive
version number changes
* [HIVE-1462] - Reporting progress in FileSinkOperator works in multiple
directory case
* [HIVE-1465] - hive-site.xml ${} not replaced for local-file
derby metastore connection URL
* [HIVE-1470] - percentile_approx() fails with more than 1 reducer
* [HIVE-1471] - CTAS should unescape the column name in the
* [HIVE-1473] - plan file should have a high replication factor
* [HIVE-1475] - .gitignore files being placed in test warehouse
directories causing build failure
* [HIVE-1489] - TestCliDriver -Doverwrite=true does not put the file in
the correct directory
* [HIVE-1491] - fix or disable loadpart_err.q
* [HIVE-1494] - Index followup: remove sort by clause and fix a bug in
collect_set udaf
* [HIVE-1501] - when generating reentrant INSERT for index rebuild,
quote identifiers using backticks
* [HIVE-1508] - Add cleanup method to HiveHistory class
* [HIVE-1509] - Monitor the working set of the number of files
* [HIVE-1510] - HiveCombineInputFormat should not use prefix matching to
find the partitionDesc for a given path
* [HIVE-1520] - hive.mapred.local.mem should only be used in case of
local mode job submissions
* [HIVE-1523] - ql tests no longer work in miniMR mode
* [HIVE-1532] - Replace globStatus with listStatus inside's
* [HIVE-1534] - Join filters do not work correctly with outer joins
* [HIVE-1535] - alter partition should throw exception if the specified
partition does not exist.
* [HIVE-1547] - Unarchiving operation throws NPE
* [HIVE-1548] - populate inputs and outputs for all statements
* [HIVE-1556] - Fix TestContribCliDriver test
* [HIVE-1561] - smb_mapjoin_8.q returns different results in miniMr mode
* [HIVE-1563] - HBase tests broken
* [HIVE-1564] - bucketizedhiveinputformat.q fails in minimr mode
* [HIVE-1570] - referencing an added file by it's name in a transform
script does not work in hive local mode
* [HIVE-1578] - Add conf. property enable/disable displaying link
to the task with most failures
* [HIVE-1580] - cleanup ExecDriver.progress
* [HIVE-1583] - Hive should not override Hadoop specific system
* [HIVE-1584] - wrong log files in contrib client positive
* [HIVE-1589] - Add HBase/ZK JARs to Eclipse classpath
* [HIVE-1593] - udtf_explode.q is an empty file
* [HIVE-1598] - use SequenceFile rather than TextFile format for hive
query results
* [HIVE-1600] - need to sort hook input/output lists for test result
* [HIVE-1601] - Hadoop 0.17 ant test broken by HIVE-1523
* [HIVE-1606] - For a null value in a string column, JDBC driver returns
the string "NULL"
* [HIVE-1607] - Reinstate and deprecate IMetaStoreClient methods removed
in HIVE-675
* [HIVE-1614] - UDTF json_tuple should return null row when input is not
a valid JSON string
* [HIVE-1628] - Fix Base64TextInputFormat to be compatible with commons
codec 1.4
* [HIVE-1629] - Patch to fix hashCode method in DoubleWritable class
* [HIVE-1630] - bug in NO_DROP
* [HIVE-1633] - CombineHiveInputFormat fails with "cannot find dir for
* [HIVE-1639] - ExecDriver.addInputPaths() error if partition name
contains a comma
* [HIVE-1647] - Incorrect initialization of thread local variable inside
IOContext ( implementation is not threadsafe )
* [HIVE-1650] - TestContribNegativeCliDriver fails
* [HIVE-1656] - All TestJdbcDriver test cases fail in Eclipse unless a
property is added in run config
* [HIVE-1657] - join results are displayed wrongly for some complex
joins using select *
* [HIVE-1658] - Fix describe * [extended] column formatting
* [HIVE-1663] -
ql/src/java/org/apache/hadoop/hive/ql/parse/ is empty
* [HIVE-1664] - Eclipse build broken
* [HIVE-1670] - MapJoin throws EOFExeption when the mapjoined table has
0 column selected
* [HIVE-1671] - multithreading on Context.pathToCS
* [HIVE-1673] - Create table bug causes the row format property lost
when serde is specified.
* [HIVE-1674] - count(*) returns wrong result when a mapper returns
empty results
* [HIVE-1678] - NPE in MapJoin
* [HIVE-1688] - In the MapJoinOperator, the code uses tag as alias,
which is not always true
* [HIVE-1691] - ANALYZE TABLE command should check columns in partition
* [HIVE-1699] - incorrect partition pruning ANALYZE TABLE
* [HIVE-1707] - bug when different partitions are present in different
* [HIVE-1711] - CREATE TABLE LIKE should not set stats in the new table
* [HIVE-1712] - Migrating metadata from derby to mysql thrown
* [HIVE-1713] - duplicated MapRedTask in Multi-table inserts mixed with
FileSinkOperator and ReduceSinkOperator
* [HIVE-1716] - make TestHBaseCliDriver use dynamic ports to avoid
conflicts with already-running services
* [HIVE-1717] - ant clean should delete stats database
* [HIVE-1720] - hbase_stats.q is failing
* [HIVE-1737] - Two Bugs for Estimating Row Sizes in GroupByOperator
* [HIVE-1742] - Fix Eclipse templates (and use Ivy metadata to generate
Eclipse library dependencies)
* [HIVE-1748] - Statistics broken for tables with size in excess of
* [HIVE-1753] - HIVE 1633 hit for Stage2 jobs with
* [HIVE-1756] - failures in fatal.q in TestNegativeCliDriver
* [HIVE-1759] - Many important broken links on Hive web page
* [HIVE-1760] - Mismatched open/commit transaction calls in case of
connection retry
* [HIVE-1767] - Merge files does not work with dynamic partition
* [HIVE-1769] - pcr.q output is non-deterministic
* [HIVE-1771] - ROUND(infinity) chokes
* [HIVE-1775] - Assertation on inputObjInspectors.length in Groupy
* [HIVE-1776] - parallel execution and auto-local mode combine to place
plan file in wrong file system
* [HIVE-1777] - Outdated comments for GenericUDTF.close()
* [HIVE-1780] - Typo in hive-default.xml
* [HIVE-1781] - outputs not populated for dynamic partitions at compile
* [HIVE-1794] - GenericUDFOr and GenericUDFAnd cannot receive boolean
typed object
* [HIVE-1795] - outputs not correctly populated for alter table
* [HIVE-1804] - Mapjoin will fail if there are no files associating with
the join tables
* [HIVE-1806] - The merge criteria on dynamic partitons should be per
* [HIVE-1807] - No Element found exception in BucketMapJoinOptimizer
* [HIVE-1808] - bug in auto_join25.q
* [HIVE-1809] - Hive comparison operators are broken for NaN values
* [HIVE-1812] - spurious rmr failure messages when inserting with
dynamic partitioning
* [HIVE-1828] - show locks should not use getTable()/getPartition
* [HIVE-1829] - Fix intermittent failures in TestRemoteMetaStore
* [HIVE-1830] - mappers in group followed by joins may die OOM
* [HIVE-1844] - Hanging hive client caused by TaskRunner's
* [HIVE-1845] - Some attributes in the Eclipse template file is
* [HIVE-1846] - change hive assumption that local mode mappers/reducers
always run in same jvm
* [HIVE-1848] - bug in MAPJOIN
* [HIVE-1849] - add more logging to partition pruning
* [HIVE-1853] - downgrade JDO version
* [HIVE-1854] - Temporarily disable metastore tests for
* [HIVE-1857] - mixed case tablename on lefthand side of LATERAL VIEW
results in query failing with confusing error message
* [HIVE-1860] - Hive's smallint datatype is not supported by the Hive
JDBC driver
* [HIVE-1861] - Hive's float datatype is not supported by the Hive JDBC
* [HIVE-1862] - Revive partition filtering in the Hive MetaStore
* [HIVE-1863] - Boolean columns in Hive tables containing NULL are
treated as FALSE by the Hive JDBC driver.
* [HIVE-1864] - test load_overwrite.q fails
* [HIVE-1867] - Add mechanism for disabling tests with intermittent
* [HIVE-1870] - accidentally deleted during
commit of HIVE-1845
* [HIVE-1871] - bug introduced by HIVE-1806
* [HIVE-1873] - Fix 'tar' build target broken in HIVE-1526
* [HIVE-1874] - fix HBase filter pushdown broken by HIVE-1638
* [HIVE-1878] - Set the version of Hive trunk to '0.7.0-SNAPSHOT' to
avoid confusing it with a release
* [HIVE-1896] - HBase and Contrib JAR names are missing version numbers
* [HIVE-1897] - Alter command execution "when HDFS is down" results in
holding stale data in MetaStore
* [HIVE-1902] - create script for the metastore upgrade due to HIVE-78
* [HIVE-1903] - Can't join HBase tables if one's name is the beginning
of the other
* [HIVE-1908] - FileHandler leak on partial iteration of the resultset.
* [HIVE-1912] - Double escaping special chars when removing old
partitions in rmr
* [HIVE-1913] - use partition level serde properties
* [HIVE-1914] - failures in testhbaseclidriver
* [HIVE-1915] - authorization on database level is broken.
* [HIVE-1917] - CTAS (create-table-as-select) throws exception when
showing results
* [HIVE-1927] - Fix TestHadoop20SAuthBridge failure on Hudson
* [HIVE-1928] - GRANT/REVOKE should handle privileges as tokens, not
* [HIVE-1934] - alter table rename messes the location
* [HIVE-1936] - hive.semantic.analyzer.hook cannot have multiple values
* [HIVE-1939] - Fix test failure in TestContribCliDriver/url_hook.q
* [HIVE-1944] - dynamic partition insert creating different directories
for the same partition during merge
* [HIVE-1951] - input16_cc.q is failing in testminimrclidriver
* [HIVE-1952] - fix some outputs and make some tests deterministic
* [HIVE-1964] - add fully deterministic ORDER BY in test union22.q and
* [HIVE-1969] - TestMinimrCliDriver merge_dynamic_partition2 and 3 are
failing on trunk
* [HIVE-1979] - fix hbase_bulk.m by setting HiveInputFormat
* [HIVE-1981] - TestHadoop20SAuthBridge failed on current trunk
* [HIVE-1995] - Mismatched open/commit transaction calls when using
* [HIVE-1998] - Update README.txt and add missing ASF headers
* [HIVE-2007] - Executing queries using Hive Server is not logging to
the log file specified in
* [HIVE-2010] - Improve naming and README files for MetaStore upgrade
* [HIVE-2011] - upgrade-0.6.0.mysql.sql script attempts to increase size
* [HIVE-2059] - Add datanucleus.identifierFactory property to HiveConf
to avoid unintentional MetaStore Schema corruption
* [HIVE-2064] - Make call to SecurityUtil.getServerPrincipal unambiguous

** Sub-task
* [HIVE-1361] - table/partition level statistics
* [HIVE-1696] - Add delegation token support to metastore
* [HIVE-1810] - a followup patch for changing the description of
hive.exec.pre/post.hooks in conf/hive-default.xml
* [HIVE-1823] - upgrade the database thrift interface to allow
parameters key-value pairs
* [HIVE-1836] - Extend the CREATE DATABASE command with DBPROPERTIES
* [HIVE-1842] - Add the local flag to all the map red tasks, if the
query is running locally.

** Task
* [HIVE-1526] - Hive should depend on a release version of Thrift
* [HIVE-1817] - Remove Hive dependency on unreleased commons-cli 2.0
* [HIVE-1876] - Update Metastore upgrade scripts to handle schema
changes introduced in HIVE-1413
* [HIVE-1882] - Remove CHANGES.txt
* [HIVE-1904] - Create MetaStore schema upgrade scripts for changes made
in HIVE-417
* [HIVE-1905] - Provide MetaStore schema upgrade scripts for changes
made in HIVE-1823

** Test
* [HIVE-1464] - improve test query performance
* [HIVE-1755] - JDBM diff in test caused by Hive-1641
* [HIVE-1774] - merge_dynamic_part's result is not deterministic
* [HIVE-1942] - change the value of hive.input.format to
CombineHiveInputFormat for tests

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