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No one replied on dev list. Reposting on user list. If I am unclear,
let me know and I will provide more details of my use case.


On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 12:22, Ashutosh Chauhan

I am writing my own custom serde to write data to an external table.
In serialize() method of my serde I am handed over an object and an
object Inspector. Since this object represents a row, I make an
assumption that object Inspector is of type StructObjectInspector and
then I get fields out of this struct using struct Object inspector.
When I do field.getFieldName() on it I expect it will give me the real
column name as contained in my table schema in metastore. But, instead
I get names like _col1, _col2, _col3 ..

Now the workaround for it is to store the column names in a list in
initialize() method and then use that list to get names in
serialize(). This is what I am doing now and it works. It seems hbase
serde is also doing similar thing. But, it was counter intuitive to me
not to expect to get the real column names in getFieldName() but
rather some random made up names. If this is not the expected behavior
then potentially I am doing something wrong in my serde.. if so I will
appreciate if some one confirms that.. But if this is how things are
implemented currently.. then I think its a bug and I will open a jira
for it..


PS: I am posting it on dev-list But if folks think its more
appropriate for user-list, feel free to move it there, while replying
to it.

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